Monday, January 28, 2019

Relationship Advice Roundup

I found reading these pieces, post breakup and when pondering future relationship possibilities, helpful to put my situation in perspective. In addition to coming up with my own relationship principles (which I encourage you to think deeply about as well!), reading about other relationship challenges can help you see your own blind spots.

I have shared them with other friends, who also have found value in them. Knowing that you are not alone, and that others have faced similar troubles as yours can be a life-preserver when you are feeling adrift. If you get a chance to read them, let me know what you think:

Want a deeper dive? There are many books out there about relationships. Dr. John Gottman though has spent his entire career studying couples. He distills what he has learned into The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work. Even if you are not married yet, the principles apply all the same in order to build a solid foundation. 

The 5 Love Languages is also a helpful concept to understand what forms of communication you value and that your partner values. Communicating in a way that your partner is receptive to makes it much more likely that your message will get through to them. You will also be more receptive to their communication when you see the form they are more likely to put it in.

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